William Blake 의 초기 예언시와 " Bible of Hell "

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발행기관 : 한국문학과종교학회 수록지정보 : 문학과종교 / 2권 / 175 ~ 205 페이지
저자명 : 강옥선(Ok Sun Kang)


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Blake knew the Bible thoroughly and adopted the Bible as a normative literary form: The Old & New Testaments are the great code of art. Blake expects his readers to recognize the biblical context of his poetry, especially since much of his work was intended to form the $quot;Bible of Hell$quot; that he promised in the marriage of Heaven and Hell (MI-H). Blake continued to armotate new volumes of Emanuel Swedenborg but the torte of MhN is that of satirical arid doctrinal opposition. If Swedenborg reads tfie bible as celestial, Blake reads `st as infernal or visionary. Blake believes that Swedenborg`s greatest error is his incapability to grasp the real nature of evil and his acceptance of conventicmal morality. The antinornian work of MIH portarys and opposes religious authoritarians who claim to bestow divine forgiveness to human beings. Blake uses $quot;forgiveness$quot; to solve the problem of human dissimilarity. Blake thinks that the vision of forgiveness is aohieved throw the recognition of individual genius in contrariety. Through this forgiveness and love, man can realize the essential divinity of his own nature. Visions of die Daughters of Albion (VDA) opposes the traditional values of sexual relations and expresses the celebration of sexual pleasures. VDA is resting on psychological fact and it is also sophisticated, because it embodies erotic meaning energy. By the improvement of sensual enjoyment and the clearing of perception, Blake comes to believe that man has no body distinct from his soul and that energy is from the body. In MHH the devil`s statement is interpreted as those of Blake himself. Finally the angel and devil embrace and emerge together. The contraries are now married, and the angel-devil has become Blake`s friend. Blake reads the Bible in its infernal sense and announces his Bible of Hell..

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      William Blake 의 초기 예언시와 " Bible of Hell "
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