T . S . 엘리어트의 시와 종교

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발행기관 : 한국문학과종교학회 수록지정보 : 문학과종교 / 1권 / 101 ~ 121 페이지
저자명 : 이준학,김상임(Sang Im Kim)


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In all of Etiot`s poetry no ias ire so oasistently used, considered and later overtly discussed than tte idea about time and timeless. Both the carxept of time and tfie prtation of ,it dang and develop throughout his poetry, paralleling the moverrnt in his poetry from disorder to order. IMile the emphasis is mowec9 from irlividual experience of disorder in the spatialised time of the external world to the possibility of unifying with timelessness, the techniqwe develops toward greater use of overtly stabad religions doctrine combired with religious expression. To Eliot, religion has reeagnised tte importarx of tirre as order. There have been suprisingly many atteats to examine religion`s effect on poetry as a whole. Most re4gious discussions focus on defining the union time and tirress concept presumed to be present through the poetry. The disorcler of spatialised time at least partially stems from failure to apprened the order of timeless reality. In his poetry, the question of time is increasingly religious: How and to what extent cxle can acfiieve apprehension of and union with a timeless God (eternity) in spatialised time. There is an unbreakable relationship betwPxn poetry and religion. Eliot based his poetic pattern and content on religious corxpts. His poetry cannot be fully understood without references to the religious ideas they assume and use. Religion, for Eliot, is a pattern of order, and the pattern of order he shows most fully is the union of time and timeless, at tte still point of the taming world and Logos in his poetry. Eliot accepted volly or permantly a Christian Orthodoxy constantly becoming.

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      T . S . 엘리어트의 시와 종교
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