The Effects of Focus on Form in Elementary EFL Class

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발행기관 : 현대문법학회 수록지정보 : 현대문법연구 / 16권
저자명 : (Kyung Hee Yeo)


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Yeo, Kyunghee. 1999. The Effects of Focus on Form in Elementary EFL Class. Studies in Modern Grammar 16, 221-236. In the history of second language teaching, the synthetic approach, in which parts of the language are taught separately and step by step, and the analytic approach, which advocates the incidental learning in meaning-oriented context, have been rivaled. Recently, focus on form (not focus on forms) which stands in the middle of the synthetic and analytic approaches, is spotlighted by several researchers. Focus on form draws learner`s attention to linguistic features as they arise incidentally in lessons whose main focus is on meaning or communication. In order to testify the effects of focus on form in EFL situation, an experiment of which the targeted linguistic feature was English plural -s was conducted in this paper. The results show that focus on form in the form of input enhancement through children`s games worked in grade four English class of elementary school. Especially the progress in accuracy of plurals was significant in comprehension test. It can be concluded that the appropriate focus on form activities are feasible and helpful in elementary English class.

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The Effects of Focus on Form in Elementary EFL Class
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