Scrambling and Economy of Representation

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발행기관 : 현대문법학회 수록지정보 : 현대문법연구 / 16권
저자명 : (Yong Ha Kim)


영어 초록

Kim, Yong-Ha. 1999. Scrambling and Economy of Representation. Studies in Modern Grammar 16, 1-38. Scrambling is known to have mixed properties of A-movement and A´-movement. One of the defining characteristics of A-scrambling is that scrambled elements can bind anaphors in their c-command domain. On the other hand, A´-scrambling has the undoing property, which can be best attributed to the reconstniction effect and hence is a typical A`-movement property. Work in the minimalist program generally explains these dual properties of scrambling by assuming that there are two kinds of scrambling in the fast place. However, it is very dubious to treat seemingly identical operations as different ones. Thus, it seems reasonable to take a unified approach to scrambling if there is any possible way to do. In this paper, we suggest a unified way of explaining the dual properties of scrambling in the framework of Chomsky`s (1995) minimalist program. We regards scrambling as a case of MSC. The unique feature of scrambling, under our approach, is that its identity as A-movement or A´-movement is not determined a priori. Rather, scrambled elements are only affected by deleted strong features of functional heads. What is predicted from our approach is that scrambling can take place only when all necessary feature-checking is completed.

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      Scrambling and Economy of Representation
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