Chaos - Complexity Theory in the Whole Language Context

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발행기관 : 현대문법학회 수록지정보 : 현대문법연구 / 15권
저자명 : (Seung Jin Lee)


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Lee, Seungjin. 1999. Chaos-Complexity Theory in the Whole Language Context. Studies in Modern Grammar 15, 169-189. This paper attempts to suggest ways in which complexity theory can become a more explicit tool for understanding students` learning and design of learning processes. These are remarkably consistent with whole language approach in schools. Although complexity theory is based on mathematics and physics, many of these principles are equally relevant to a second language learning situation. Now that complexity theory is in its third decade in the West, and has been evolving, it seems that the time is right for a fuller look at the language teaching principle offered by chaos-complexity theory in the field of a second language learning. This paper reviews complex adaptive systems theory through neuroscience and brain research to learning theory and practice. The complexity theory originated not in linguistics but in the mathematical field, and it is interesting to observe that both complexity theory d whole language theory having taken different routes, came to many of the same conclusions about teaching students. Both complexity theory and whole language theory show a very high agreement on issues such as method, approach, affect, effect, role of the teacher, psychological needs of the language learner, and the philosophy of engaging the learner beyond the cognitive domain. By looking at the chaos and complexity theory for learning process, I discuss that learning occurs at the edge of chaos through equilibrium, whole-brain involvement, and "risk-taking". Finally, it seems that complexity and whole language theory affirm the recent shift toward a richer, more open, and more comfortable environment as the most effective way in which educators can optimize the natural human capacity for the learning process.

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Chaos - Complexity Theory in the Whole Language Context
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