Cockney 구조에 대하여 - 신조어 가능성을 중심으로 -

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발행기관 : 경남대학교 인문과학연구소 수록지정보 : 인문논총 / 17권 / 231 ~ 247 페이지
저자명 : 이미재 ( Mi Jae Lee )


영어 초록

This paper deals with the structures of London English, Cockney, which used to be considered as a working class slang as a powerful source of modern English vocabulary analysed from the points of word structures, semantics and its pragmatics. In coining new Cockney, every part of speech is used freely and transformed into other part of speech wildly. Its semantic aspects are sarcastic to the reality, society and religion, exact in describing the core of nature, speaking for the life and emotion of the lowbrows, and specially developing the taboo language with relation to the sex and privacy, money, betting, and game. The practical usage of Cockney is putting the first part into use in discourse even though the last part is rymed with, and often it is shortened seemingly to have a new word. It follows all grammatical rules like conjugation and declension regardless of the original status of the parts of speech. Thus. even adverbs can be used as verbs. In conclusion Cockney is considered to be an influential dialect which plays substantial roles in developing more vivid and richer English by coining new words and transforming the parts of speech beyond limits.

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      Cockney 구조에 대하여 - 신조어 가능성을 중심으로 -
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