Why People Choose Airbnb over Hotel?

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발행기관 : 한국관광학회 수록지정보 : 한국관광학회 국제학술발표대회 / 80권
저자명 : ( Yujia (penny) Chen ) , ( Markus Schuckert )

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Purpose: With the rise and development of sharing economy, there is another option for consumers when book accommodation before trip: staying in a stranger`s home. Airbnb (short for Air Bed "n" Breakfast), a new business model for accommodation booking, allows ordinary people to rent out their own private residential places to travelers as accommodations and offer residential experiences to travelers who appreciate home-like experience. Due to the success and popularity of Airbnb, nowadays both leisure and business travelers migrate from traditional hotels to Airbnb accommodations, which makes traditional accommodation sector realize the fierce competition between Airbnb and hotels. Although several studies have been carried out on Airbnb, empirical evidence showing what drives these consumers is scarce. As a consequence, this study investigates the motivational factors that stimulate tourists to choose Airbnb over hotel. Design/methodology/approach: Taking the case of consumers who have previously selected Airbnb, an array of qualitative methods is applied to fill the research gap. Two projective techniques are adopted to identify the main characteristics associated with Airbnb, the motivational factors to choose Airbnb over traditional accommodation, and the context in which this choice is made. Second, semi-structured in-depth interviews are undertaken to explain the identified factors. Findings: The findings reveal that four major motivational factors termed as "economic," "experiential," "social" and "comfort" stimulate tourists to choose Airbnb over hotel. Practical implications: Based on above findings, implications are subsequently for traditional accommodation sector to improve its service and to compete with Airbnb.

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Why People Choose Airbnb over Hotel?