Culture Brokers` Roles between Hosts and Guests in Korean Outbound International Tourism Industry

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발행기관 : 한국관광학회 수록지정보 : 한국관광학회 국제학술발표대회 / 80권
저자명 : ( Minyoung Lee )


영어 초록

This paper explores organizational mechanism and processes of planning, production, promotion, and consumption of goods and services in Korean international tourism industry. Through participant observation in travel agencies and analysis of internet contents and tourism culture software, this study figures out the structural dynamics of international tourist culture in Korea, and then argues that the most important actors that forms the Korean international tourist culture are the culture brokers between hosts and guests: travel agencies and connected travel trend-setters. The anthropology of tourism since 1970s has hold a dichotomous frame which divides the actors of the field of tourism as hosts and guests. Until now, many tourism studies has explored the interactions between the hosts and guests, equating the local people of the tourism as hosts, and the tourists as guests. This approach, however, is not proper in nowadays when most people consume tourist commodities made by tourism industry rather than just going to destinations and travel independently. With this structural change of tourism, this paper insists that the old host-guest frame should be more diversified or networktized for the study of contemporary tourism. Understanding the formational mechanism of tourist industry, one of the most important consumer culture in the globalizing world, will expand the applicable scope anthropology of tourism.

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      Culture Brokers` Roles between Hosts and Guests in Korean Outbound International Tourism Industry
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