Do servant leaders increase job engagement? The mediating and moderating role of person-organization value congruence

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저자명 : ( Jichul Jang ) , ( Hyejin Kwon )


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With fierce competition among service providers, fully engaged employees enable service firms to differentiate from other competitors by increasing job performance (Rich, Lepine, & Crawford, 2010). However, the challenge of engaging employees is mounting (Pech & Slade, 2006). Understanding the drivers of job engagement is especially important to service organizations if they are to strengthen their competitive advantage. Previous research suggests that contextual factors such as organizational climate (Bakker, Hakanen, Demerouti, & Xanthopoulou, 2007) as well as individual variables such as meaningfulness (Kahn, 1990) play a crucial role in predicting job engagement. However, there are particular areas in which more research is needed. First, little research has yet to consider the role of servant leadership in predicting job engagement in hospitality industry. In addition, studies identifying the psychological mechanism which may demonstrate how servant leadership influences job engagements are scant. Second, researchers need to identify possible moderators, especially individual differences to better understanding of the boundary conditions for the effect of servant leadership on job engagement. By integrating conservation of resource theory (Hobfoll, 1989) and social exchange theory (Blau, 1964), we extended the existing research of servant leadership by examining the mediating and moderating role of person-organization value congruence in the link between servant leadership and job engagement in the restaurant context. To test our hypotheses, we conducted a survey using 245 non-managerial employees in a restaurant industry in U.S.A. Our results show that servant leadership was related to person-organization value congruence, which ultimately results in job engagement. We also found that servant leadership has a stronger positive relationship with job engagement for employees high in person-organization value congruence than for employees low in person-organization value congruence.

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      Do servant leaders increase job engagement? The mediating and moderating role of person-organization value congruence
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