Improving HRD System for Indonesian Civil Servants : Lessons from Korea

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발행기관 : 한국행정학회 수록지정보 : 한국행정학회 학술발표논문집
저자명 : Jin PARK, Evi Maya SAVIRA


1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Framework
3. Current Reform Efforts and Implementation Strategy
4. Korea’s Training System for Civil Servants
5. Conclusion
Appendix: Statistics on NIPA

영어 초록

This paper aims to make suggestions for capacity building of the Indonesian government based on the comparison of the HRD systems in Indonesia and Korea. This paper starts with an analysis on the current standing of the training system and a review of the present reform efforts in Indonesia. This paper will then derive several key questions that should be answered to improve Indonesia’s HRD system for civil servants. Specific suggestions based on Korea’s experience and Indonesian factors will be presented. The tentative research questions are: 1) What should be division of labor between LAN (NIPA) and the other training institutes both in the public sector and the private sector? 2) Does Indonesia need regulations such as annual training requirement for each individual? 3) How to assess and monitor the outcome of training, and how to measure the contributions of the current training system to the performance of civil servants? 4) How to link the training with the personnel management? 5) What are the LAN’s role and responsibility that should be strengthened or weakened? 6) What are the weakness and lacks in current reform efforts? 7) What are the implementation strategies for the training system reform in Indonesia? This paper will not simply compare two HRD systems, but will try to identify what can be learned from Korean experience and what cannot by indicating the different initial conditions in both countries.

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      Improving HRD System for Indonesian Civil Servants : Lessons from Korea
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