Giftedness and Cultural Diversity, Viewed from a Personalist Perspective

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발행기관 : 고려대학교 응용문화연구소 수록지정보 : 에피스테메
저자명 : Gabriele Weigand


1. Giftedness and Migration Background as Categories of Diversity
2. Giftedness and Migration Background Viewed from the Perspective of a Personalist Fostering of Giftedness
3. The Concept of Person in the Tradition of a Personalist Perspective
4. Three Elements of the Person: Principle – Process – Relationality
5. The Functions of the Concept of Person - for the Theory and Practice of Fostering Giftedness
Conclusion: The Person as the Basic Principle of an Educational Theory of Giftedness

영어 초록

Giftedness and cultural and ethnic background as categories of diversity are viewed from a personalist perspective. After introducing the issue, we look at the question of giftedness and cultural and ethnic background not only as sociocultural constructs but also as categories that influence practice when dealing with diversity in schools. From a personalist perspective, the person is the source for educational thinking and acting. I will therefore describe what it means to view the human being as a person, presenting the historical and philosophical roots as well as the dimensions and functions of the concept of the person as a basis of educational theory and practice. The consequence of these considerations will be the thesis that the starting point and aim of educational theory and practice cannot be the narrow focus on giftedness and cultural and ethnic background, but rather the human being with all his individuality and dignity, with his capabilities and talents that are to be realized during his life-time. Finally, I will discuss the implications resulting from this anthropological basis for a personalist pedagogy of fostering giftedness and gifted students.

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      상세우측 배너
      상세우측 배너
      상세우측 배너
      Giftedness and Cultural Diversity, Viewed from a Personalist Perspective
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