Introspection into English Listening Training

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발행기관 : 21세기영어영문학회 수록지정보 : 영어영문학21 / 29권 / 2호
저자명 : ( Jae Ik Moon )

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Effective communication is the most vital of all life skills. To communicate information accurately, clearly, and as intended is not to be overlooked, especially in international business. Listening is especially critical in interpersonal communication, as we spend 45% of communication time listening.. While English is quite different from Korean, it is now a global language required for survival in international relations. English listening involves taking words and sounds heard and converting them into something that makes sense to the hearer. This paper enumerates several English listening skills (dictation, phrase translation, shadow task, associative memory storage, focused listening, IPA training, etc.) and recommends three efficient ones proven to help achieve goals in English listening programs. Students are also expected to have a working knowledge of new communication technologies in English listening, above all the Internet. Movies entertain and engage while students listen to or mimic native speakers. The various rhyming verses in pop songs comprise another fun option, also proven to raise verbal IQ scores. My survey shows that, among other listening skills, dictation, focused listening, and IPA training offer good opportunities to improve English listening. When students acquire these listening skills, they also progress in reading, speaking, and writing since all four skills are closely interrelated. People perceive only as much as they experience or know, and the listening skills discussed here will expand learners’ experience or knowledge. Practice makes perfect. No matter how well learners study, they must be well-guided in order to become valuable international human resources.

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Introspection into English Listening Training