Adaptive management of excavation-induced ground movements

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발행기관 : 한국지반공학회 수록지정보 : 심포지엄 / 2009권
저자명 : ( Richard J. Finno )


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This paper describes an adaptive management approach for predicting, monitoring, and controlling ground movements associated with excavations in urban areas. Successful use of monitoring data to update performance predictions of supported excavations depends equally on reasonable numerical simulations of performance, the type of monitoring data used as observations, and the optimization techniques used to minimize the difference between predictions and observed performance. This paper summarizes each of these factors and emphasizes their inter-dependence. Numerical considerations are described, including the initial stress and boundary conditions, the importance of reasonable representation of the construction process, and factors affecting the selection of the constitutive model. Monitoring data that can be used in conjunction with current numerical capabilities are discussed, including laser scanning and webcams for developing an accurate record of construction activities, and automated and remote instrumentations to measure movements. Self-updating numerical models that have been successfully used to compute anticipated ground movements, update predictions of field observations and to learn from field observations are summarized. Applications of these techniques from case studies are presented to illustrate the capabilities of this approach.

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Adaptive management of excavation-induced ground movements
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