A Survey of Data-based Human Reliability Analysis Approaches

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발행기관 : 한국감성과학회 수록지정보 : 춘계학술대회 / 2014권
저자명 : ( Yochan Kim ) , ( Jinkyun Park ) , ( Wondea Jung )

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Because various kinds of human failure events (HFEs) are frequently included in the sequence of the safety-significant events, a human reliability analysis (HRA), which systemically analyzes the sources and consequences of human errors and estimates human error probabilities (HEPs), has been performed in many fields. However, many reports have indicated a lack of empirical data for the development or validation of HRA methods, because: (1) they largely depend on expert judgments in determining the HEPs with the associated effects of PSFs, and (2) each HRA method use its own PSFs that could not be adopted by others. This paper reviews recent researches of data-based HRA approaches to systematically collect empirical data and assess HEPs from them for overcoming this problem. To this end, the conventional HRA methods were briefly introduced first, the current databases then collected for supporting the HRA of nuclear power plants were described by explaining the characteristics of data sources. Some applications to the existing HRA methods and development of new methods based on the developed database were introduced. Several articles discussing how to estimate HEPs by modeling the relations between PSFs and the HEPs were also addressed. In addition, the future issues about the databases such as the integration of the collected data and subjectivity of evaluating PSFs were also discussed.

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A Survey of Data-based Human Reliability Analysis Approaches