Marc Jacobs 패션 콜래보레이션의 가치 탐색

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발행기관 : 복식문화학회 수록지정보 : 복식문화연구 / 22권 / 3호
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영어 초록

This research worked on the cooperative case by Marc Jacobs, who was involved in innovative collaboration in the field of fashion, and the analysis on imbedded values. With assessment of it, this paper aims at providing the theoretical ground on prevalence of fashion collaboration for creative innovation and presenting the basic material in establishing the design and marketing in the fashion industry. In methodology, the review was followed up about literature regarding Marc Jacobs and collaboration and his cases in 2001 through 2012. Results showed that his collaboration cases could be divided into those with modern artist, those with fashion brand or designer, those with other field brand than fashion, and those with the public star. They were processed into such a form as development of new product and collection, shop display, and exhibition event. The value could be drawn from this case examination of Marc Jacobs' fashion collaboration, which includes the design innovation through reinterpretation of tradition, innovation of maximized brand value, and transboundary innovation toward a vast extension of realm. Namely, the collaboration of Marc Jacobs would be the driving force for design innovation and the creative process for both parties concerned through endless cooperation and would generate the innovative value for fashion field.

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      Marc Jacobs 패션 콜래보레이션의 가치 탐색
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