Trauma : Recommendations to Prevent and Manage Snowboarder Injuries in the FIS Snowboard World Cup

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발행기관 : 대한응급의학회 수록지정보 : 대한응급의학회지 / 27권 / 1호
저자명 : ( Kyoung Wan Ko ) , ( Tae Hoon Kim ) , ( Kyoung Chul Cha ) , ( Yong Sung Cha ) , ( Kyung Hye Park ) , ( Kyung Hoon Sun ) , ( Hyun Kim ) , ( Sung Oh Hwang ) , ( Kang Hyun Lee )


영어 초록

Purpose: Snowboarding accidents may cause severe injury due to the advanced skills required of Olympic athletes and the faster speed compared to many other sports. The aim of this study was to describe environmental characteristics of snowboarding injuries and to determine the level of medical support using injury analysis. Methods: A descriptive epidemiology study was conducted with collection of data from the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) Snowboard Competition from January 14 to 24 in 2009. Data from the Competition Operation Committee records, medical records and competition regulations were selected for analysis. Results: In this study, 31/524 competitors reported injuries, predominantly sprains and contusions (21 cases), including eight fractures. Analysis of the physical distribution of these injuries indicated ten injuries of an upper extremity (32%), seven of a lower extremity (23%), six in the head/neck region (19%), and five spinal injuries (16%). The majority (23/31) of these injuries occurred during the snowboard cross (SBX) events. Environmental factors including the course visibility and slope conditions impacted the frequency of injury during the competition. In addition, the arrival times of medical teams were longer for the SBX events (260±92 sec) than for the Parallel Giant Slalom (202±54 sec) and other snowboarding events (<60 sec). Conclusion: The frequency and severity of injuries were highest in the SBX competition. For injury prevention, we recommend increased focus on safety on the SBX course, consideration of weather and other environmental conditions, and a rapid emergency medical support response for injury management.

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      Trauma : Recommendations to Prevent and Manage Snowboarder Injuries in the FIS Snowboard World Cup
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