Eco Calendar Research Based on Ecological Information

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저자명 : Choi Young-min, Oh Byung-Keun


1. Background of the research
2. The method and range of the research
3. Biological information and the method of visualization
4. The suggestion of the eco-calendar design
5. Conclusion

영어 초록

This research induces the eco calendar research on the basis of the time information of ecological information through the conversion of ecological recognition. Time is an 'idea' more than anything else. It is an idea with a systematic order of cause and effect that can be recognized in our consciousness. The calendar that is expressed by limiting with numbers through a complicated process for a long time can grasp the past days and the coming days.
In the past many biologists proved that even in the dark the rhythm of plants follows the 'one day cycle' without change. This does not mean it is an absolute immutability, but this does mean that the average length of a cycle accords with 24 hours, and the flowering information can be expressed as a calendar design.
Carolus Linneau, a Swedish botanist, showed that many flowers blooms their petals at a specific time of the day, and through this he found out that the processes of flowering are clearly different from each other according to time. Therefore he presented an eco calendar that makes it possible to grasp the meaning of ecology and time with the flowering information that is organized in the order of time.
A calendar is made with a year as the cycle and thus I classified the process of growth of the sunflower that is an annual plant for an eco calendar design and combined with time information. However the shape on the overall flow of the calendar was complicated, and the meaning could be read in the order of time according to the figure of flowers but when seeing it on the whole, various information could make a confusion on the flow of time.
Therefore, it is also good to express with a certain flower, but when a calendar design is analogized with the quality of seasonality of the nature, and when the flowering time is formed with only flowers that bloom at a clear time and that do not overlap, it could be possible to naturally understand the meaning of time.
I presented the ecological quality that judges the figure of blooming and falling flowers classified by the seasons according to the change of time and the ecological meaning. The blooming time of each flower was chosen centering on the weather of the Northeast Asia.
I applied each element according to the quality of the ecological information considering the visual elements of the graphic information. In addition, I designed the calendar centering on the causes of functionality, aesthetic and simplicity of the transmission of information.
The final calendar design is simple and easy to classify, but it is somewhat complicated due to the colors of flowers of many shapes. From now on a design with a creative idea that not only forms the information of time successively on the basis of this kind of ecological research but also considers the communication in various viewpoints and uses appropriately the method to grant a new meaning should be presented.

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Eco Calendar Research Based on Ecological Information
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