P148 : Herpes zoster in children

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발행기관 : 대한피부과학회 수록지정보 : 프로그램북(구 초록집) / 67권 / 2호
저자명 : ( Hye Jin Lee ) , ( Ji Yeon Byun ) , ( Hae Young Choi ) , ( You Won Choi )


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Background: Herpes zoster appears rarely in children. Many data regarding herpes zoster in adult are reported but studies about this disease in children are limited. Objectives: The aim of this study is to analyze epidemiology and clinical features of childhood herpes zoster. Methods: Data were collected in the department of dermatology of Ewha Womans University hospital from March 1997 to June 2015 by reviewing medical records. A total of 75 patients with confirmed herpes zoster aged 18 year-old or younger were enrolled. We analyzed for age, gender, dermatomal distribution, symptom and underlying disease. Results: Among 75 patients with herpes zoster aged 18 year-old or younger, 52.7% were males and 47. 3% were females. The mean age was 11.8 year-old and age range was from 2 to 18 year-old. When the subjects are grouped by age, 47.3% were in age group 13-18, 35.1% in age group 7-12, and 17.6% in age group 0-6. Lesions of herpes zoster were most frequently found in the trigeminal (34.3%) and thoracic dermatome (34.3%), followed by lumbar (15.7%), cervical (11.4%), sacral (4.3%) dermatomes. The most common symptom was pain (63.5%), followed by pruritus (10.8%). There was two patients with immunosupression. One patient had Wilm’s tumor and the other one had neuroblastoma. Conclusion: Age, gender and dermatome distributions showed a trend similar to the previous reports. Unlike the previous reports, the incidence of pain was higher than pruritus. Older age groups were more frequently affected by Herpes zoster. So the adolescents occupied the highest proportion of study subjects. The incidence of herpes zoster in childhood was not significantly associated with immunosuppression.

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P148 : Herpes zoster in children
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