Bone Metabolism Index is Improved by Aerobic Exercise in Postmenopausal Osteopenic Obese Women

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발행기관 : 대한운동사협회 수록지정보 : 운동사대회 / 66 ~ 66 페이지
저자명 : Suh-Jung Kang,Yeon-Ju Yoo,Yong-Hee Lee


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[OBJECTIVES] Obesity and osteoporosis are common complex diseases and it has been known that they are correlated each other. Osteoporosis is diagnosed by a reduction in bone mass and it is related to bone metabolism index such as calcitonine, osteocalsin, parathyroid hormone(PTH), and calcium. Exercise is suggested for prevention and rehabilitation strategy of bone related diseases. The purpose of this study was to exam how aerobic exercise and obese effect on bone density and bone metabolism index in osteopenic postmenopausal women. [METHODS] All subjects were postmenopausal women and diagnosed osteopenia(-2.5<T score<1). They were assigned to Osteopenic & Obese group(OOG, n=18), Osteopenic group(OG, n=13), and control group(CG, n=7). OOG and OG performed aerobic exercise for 12 week, 3 times per week, 60 min per session. Bone density, calcitonine, osteocalsin, parathyroid, calcium were measured before and after exercise intervention program. [RESULTS] In results, calcitonine, osteocalsin, PHT were improved in OOG. Osteocalsin and calcium were improved in OG. However, bone density in two groups were not improved in OOG and OG. [CONCLUSIONS] These results indicate that 12 weeks of aerobic exercise may not long enough to improve bone density in OOG and OG. However, hormones related to bone density metabolism were able to enhanced by exercise. These improvements may be able to result in positive metabolic effects in two groups.

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      Bone Metabolism Index is Improved by Aerobic Exercise in Postmenopausal Osteopenic Obese Women
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