Heroine's Changing Image in Rose of Dutcher's Coolly

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저자명 : Lee, Gyong-a


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The subject matter Hamlin Garland (1860-1940) cared most to write about was the life of farmers on the prairie, especially frontierswomen. His works represent the man's viewpoint toward the new woman and his sympathy with women who try to liberate themselves from social constraints. The “new women” presented in the works of Garland are women at work. Main-Travelled Roads, the well-known collection of short stories written during the course of his earlier writing career, presents a grim image of frontiers women. Later, in the midst of his career, Garland introduced the element of ‘free will’ in his novels about liberated women such as Rose in Rose of Durcher's Coolly Regarding an education and a career as vehicles to independence and self-improvement for women, Garland presented his heroines in his social reform novels as intellectual and professional women. Rose in Rose of Dutcher's Coolly is also aware of her education and career development. They help to strengthen her personality and enable her to accomplish her goals in both her personal and professional life.

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      상세우측 배너
      Heroine's Changing Image in Rose of Dutcher's Coolly
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