Natural Approach

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A. Brief Description of Natural Approach
Level I Words input
Level 2 Early Production
Level 3 Speech Emergence
Level 4 Intermediate Fluency

B. Conclusion


A. Brief Description of Natural Approach
• Learning environment : EFL
• Students : 28 High-beginner middle school students
• Subject of the lesson : Asking direction
• Goal of the lesson : Students will be able to ask directions and answer to the questions
• Material : map, word picture cards, cassette player, related audio clip,
• Description of Lesson:
Natural Approach is based on the way babies acquire their first language naturally, not artificially.
So, it emphasizes comprehensible Input, Low Anxiety, Content rather than form, Vocabulary development, Real life situation, and focusing on communication.
A key point for the teacher to remember in Natural Approach is that speech production comes slowly and should never be forced. Like when we consider how long it takes for a baby to begin to talk.
Therefore, the teacher should make all of the input for the student comprehensible and interesting. The teacher also allows for a silent period and does not force speech from students.

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      Natural Approach
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