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example of an order letter




Shilla Hotel
202, Jangchung-dong 2ga
Jung-gu, Seoul
100-856, Korea

December 2, 2006

The Body Shop
Stoneridge Mall
2425 Stoneridge Mall
Pleasanton, CA 92588

Dear Mr. Sirs:

Please find enclosed an order (A419) from us.

We would like to instruct you that 500 sets of Coconut & Almond Collection ordered should be packed in 50 boxes, ten Coconut & Almond Collections per box, with each Coconut & Almond Collection individually packed, and the boxes marked clearly with our name and the words `fragile`

We have agreed to pay by letter of credit, which we discussed on the phone yesterday, and we would like delivery before the Christmas week, which should be effected as there are regular sailing from Pusan.

If the collections we have chosen are not in stock, we will accept an alternative provided the levels are those stipulated on the order.

Please send any further correspondence relating to shipment or payment direct to us.


Lee Ji-seon
Marketing Manager

Enc. Order A419
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      order letter
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