The Function of Korean Dialects in Film in terms of character creation

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사회언어학- 영화에서의 방언을 통해 인물의 성격창조


1. Literature review and research question
2. Methodology
3. Result
4. Findings and discussion
5. Conclusion


This paper examines the function of Korean dialects in films. Ten university students participated in the research. They listened to six clips excerpted from four films, which contained various dialects. They guessed the roles played by actors and actresses of the chosen films, according to the uses of dialects. The objective of this paper is to show how dialects function as a means of character creation in films. The stereotypes towards dialects played a decisive role for the character creation. Compared with the standard dialect, local dialects gave the informants prejudged estimation about the characters. It is hypothesized that actual audiences probably react to the dialects in films as the informants reacted. For the future researches on dialects in film, it is advised to have more informants and clear criteria for data analysis to accomplish unbiased papers. It is also recommended to compare to other languages in films.

참고 자료

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      The Function of Korean Dialects in Film in terms of character creation
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