challenges of e-commerce

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First, as international business becoming universal, we have to keep political effort on observing such as the law of E-commerce models adjudicated by UNCITRAL , the committee of consumer policy which adjudicated by committee of consumer policy in OECD, the declaration of countermeasure for high technology crime from meeting of 8 advanced nations' minister of interior justice. Second, as there is no border on E-commerce and because of its rapid propagation, it is likely to become forcing bed of money laundering ad cyber terrorism. Third, we have to reconsider about the specialty of the post which charges relating crimes and reinforce the experts, including consolidating about current composition of law structure. Forth, E-commerce demands consolidation about new model structure which reflects new trading form. Accordingly, we need to reform the relating laws and ultimately propel the legislation of integration law of E-commerce.
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      challenges of e-commerce
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