Greeting Maners

등록일 2003.11.15 한글파일한글 (hwp) | 3페이지 | 가격 1,000원
상세신규 배너




Our team went Itaewon to inquire The Greeting Culture. The reason that we didnt visit the Inchon international airport was because of the SARS. We were afraid of it. Thats why we chose Itaewon instead the airport.
We visited Islam Mosque, Hotel and we observed how they greet someone and we had a lot of interviews as well.
Actually when we visited the Islam Mosque, we met a Pakistan. He was a friend of Eun-Ju. They just shook their hands and he gave a hint as an Islam greeting manner. He said they never have a physical contact with women, instead they give a welcome by saying something to her. For example, hi! Nice to meet you. , Hows your day been? .. like that kind of stuff. On the other hand, between guys, intimate relation, they hugged each other tight. Like this(showing the gesture to students). Shaking hands was the most common greeting gesture..
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