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Iraq and North Korea Crisis: Comparing Diplomatic Options
It has been almost a year since the issue of Iraq has started, and the war in Iraq had broken out. Since there have been many different opinions and debates on the Iraq crisis. An analysis of the elements of this crisis is essential to help understanding it. America was at war essentially by itself, even though it did not intend to do so. Analyzing what lead to this kind of a situation is the basis on understanding the crisis elements in Iraq’s crisis.
Crises have characteristics in common, one of which is ambiguity. Ambiguity makes it hard to see through a crisis, making prediction difficult doubly so because each stage in a crisis affects the next stage. In the case of Iraq crisis, we witnessed miscalculation on diplomacy that made it more difficult to predict how the next stage in Iraq crisis would play out.
As demonstrated in this crisis, misperception led to miscalculation. The misperception in resolution 1441 was not only the content of the resolution itself but also the tone and ways words were interpreted. In terms of the resolution itself, Iraq crisis had a problem. When nations pass a resolution, they don’t interpret it in the same way, and the resolution was opened to different interpretations of what “serious consequences” meant.
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      [crisis management] Iraq Crisis