등록일 2003.06.02 한글파일한글 (hwp) | 7페이지 | 가격 1,000원
상세신규 배너


-Man vs. man
Raymond vs. Bloss
Joel vs. Anna
Bloss vs. Joel
-Man vs. nature or established order of things
patients vs. telephone exchange office
-Man vs. self


First scene is that Joel lay on hospital bed. He has short brown hair, mustache, beard and blue eyes. He was crippled for life, because he was involved in mountains accident. So, his neck was broken. At first, Joel didn't catch harmonica, and he couldn't sit up in bed. He is writer. He and Les are Steven King's fan. Les is the hospital's nurse. He has curly hair and mustache. He is fat, black man and Kind guy. There is always noisy in sick room of hospital. Les and Rosa effort to take care of patient well.
Rosa is nurse, too. She has brown bunch hair and is detailed. Some persons live in the sick room, and all don't walk. Burnon(This name isn't certain.) always said that "I am!". He got wounded his brain. Nurses don't want to hear that he called their name.
Bloss gets excited well, and he gets angry easily. He has short bright brown hair and beard. He tends to depend on his mother's opinion. Bloss is a white ideologist definitely and racist. He hates that Burnon said "I am!". So, he threw his pillow to Burnon. The action made that Burnon was died nearly. Raymond blamed his action, and threatened him. If Burnon was died, Bloss was brought a charge.
Raymond is black man, and he has short black curly hair. His speech is very fast and talkativeness. he has quick wits. He came to crisis to divorce by his wife. When he didn't hurt, he had wrong things-cheat, have a secret love affair, drink. I think that he got to sincere christian after accident. He don't have little finger, he told someone bit his finger.
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