등록일 2002.11.26 파워포인트파일MS 파워포인트 (ppt) | 14페이지 | 가격 1,000원
상세신규 배너


Ⅰ. 회사소개
1. 회사개요
2. 로고
3. 사업 서비스

Ⅰ. 회사소개
1. Groups
2. Friends of friends
3. Personal Information
4. E-mail Service
5. Planner
6. The Value Proposition

Ⅱ. PlanetAll Database & Technology
1. PIMS & PDAs
2. Affinity Groups
3. Competition
4. Member Acquisition and Retention
5. Product/Marketing Challenges

III. Conculsion


PlanetAll was created to make the world a smaller place by helping people effortlessly find and stay in touch with friends, colleagues and groups important to them. PlanetAll's free online community brings a wide range of customized information to members' desktop's from a reminder about a friend's birthday to notification of an alumni group meeting to news that an old high school flame is in town. Launched less than a year ago, PlanetAll already has nearly 200,000 members, with thousands more joining daily. Privately held PlanetAll ( is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass.
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