The online game phenomenon

등록일 2002.11.07 한글파일한글 (hwp) | 3페이지 | 가격 500원
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The online game phenomenon이 제목이구요..
제가 붙이는 걸 깜박했네여..




With the explosion of Internet technology, and the continuous search for new concepts of video games to attract the maximum number of people, the arrival of online games was a total financial success. The first one appeared a few years ago: Ultima Online. It was the first and only one, but was mainly based on killing each other and monsters, and only attracted the young video games addicted persons. The past few years, several online games were created, after the enormous success the first one had encountered. They are now based on grouping and making friends. The huge amount of people who are paying every month to play those is just amazing. The great majority is American, but there are also a lot of English and French people. A lot of adults have also become video game addicts, and this is quite new in the video game history.
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      The online game phenomenon