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1. Introduction
2. Overview of the attraction
* Scheme of the Exhibition Centre
3. Explanation of the problems
4. Proposals for improving
5. Conclusion


Sydney is the main cultural centre of Australia which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.
This report provide an overview, proposition and proposal for one of Sydney’s tourist attractions, Sydney Exhibition Centre. Among numerous places of interests, marked on the map of Sydney, one can easily find Sydney Exhibition Centre, which occupies quite a large area in Darling Harbour. However, visitors and residents of Sydney usually have no idea about this attraction. Hundreds of people visit Darling Harbour every day, but almost all of them have never been to Sydney. According to the maps and reference books this Exhibition Centre is one of the largest and representative tourist attractions, but it remains unknown to tourists and natives.
The purpose of the report is to make proposals for improving Sydney Exhibition Centre as it could increase number of tourists in Sydney.
The information, given in the report, might be useful to organisations and establishments, interested or involved in tourism in Australia.
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