American Beauty 영어 감상문

등록일 2002.08.29 한글파일한글 (hwp) | 2페이지 | 가격 500원
상세신규 배너


앞부분은 약간의 수정이 필요할 것 같아요....도움이 되었으면 하는데... 어떨지 모르겠네여..




It seems that I've gone to the Korean movies several times but the American movies for the first times this year. I think that it's originating in from patriotism what I saw the American films the first this year. It's a joke. The American Beauty shown to commemorate for opened C.G.V with other movies. It's a thing got for nothing. The film is about the promise of the so-called American Dream. It have taken a dark look at the supposedly perfect ideal of a white picket fence, a large house, and a nuclear family. For many, the suburban life is the American dream. For others, however, it can turn into a twisted nightmare of unfulfilled desires, repressed needs, and shattered hopes. Because of the necessity to keep up appearances, a serene facade often conceals a breeding ground for dysfunction, anxiety, and hypocrisy.

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      American Beauty 영어 감상문
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