lock in strategy

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I. Basic Tension in Buyer’s Strategy
II. Basic Strategy for Buyers
III. Watch Out For
IV. Basic Strategy for Sellers
V. Attentions for seller
VI. Leveraging Installed Base
VII. Lessons


Basic Tension in Buyer’s Strategy
Basic Strategy for Buyers
Watch Out For
Basic Strategy for Sellers
Attentions for seller
Leveraging Installed Base
Basic Tension in Buyer’s Strategy
먼저 자신의 switching cost를 파악
Say you have large switching costs to get large compensation
But want to minimize lock-in as much as possible
Basic Strategy for Buyers
Bargain for compensation at beginning
Emphasize the switching cost; retraining, disruption cost.;새로운 vendor를 선택 시.
Current system works fine with me and others!!
Convince them you are profitable and can make a referral
Convince that you will have a high switching cost.;lock-in cycle의 후반
Switching cost를 가진다고 vendor가 믿을 수록 customer의 가치는
미래의 자신의 vulnerabilities에 대해 너무 많이 말하지 말라.
Limit your vulnerability: Keep options open
언제나 switch할 수 있다는 것을 인식시킴
Dual sourcing
Demand compensation for each step
Watch Out For
Vague commitments
초기에 supplier와의 계약 시
Revealing too much about vulnerabilities
Later, you may have to lie.
Entrenchment phase strategy
May want to switch, in part just to gain leverage when cost is not that high for doing that. ;mixed shop
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