• Women’s Movement, Women‘s Studies
    이화여자대학교 아시아여성학센터 Asian Journal of Women's Studies Chiang Lan-hung 이화여자대학교 아시아여성학센터 Asian Journal of Women's Studies Chiang Lan-hung
  • little women
    Screen play – “Little Women” Jihyeon Kim The Literature of the 19th Century Professor Dr Lichard Walker March 28, 2014 INT. March’s house (Jo is coming into her house while she is glancing Amy, Amy is reading a book in the parlor) Jo : Are you still angry? Amy : No ! (Amy enters the room and finds her script but she can’t find her script, Meg is about to sleep in the bed.) Jo : Meg! Did you see m
  • women and change
    Women and Change in Islam Culture Islam women are often seen as oppressed by men and their society. That is the common belief and a stereotype of many people in the world. Women have been discriminated from men and could not exercise their rights in their countries. They had to wear veils to cover their face and entire body ever since they were very young and always had it on them even when at hom
  • Women's Rights
    More serious is that people are not concerned with global women’s rights violation. We don’t realize how important women’s rights are.These changes are results of people’s interests and efforts about women’s rights. Like this, if we are interested in women’s rights and try to remove women’s rights violation,we can make a better world. Muslim and Africa countries’ women or international marriage im
  • Women in Korea
    Women in Korea have had problems in the society -especially, on their job and in their home- because of related to Koreans' traditional thought and Confucian Thought, but we can see a ray of improving status of women in the society. Since the Agriculture Society in Korea, people have discriminated against women on their job and in their home. "When a hen cries more than a cock, that house will be
  • Freedom of Women
    Name Professor English 1102 : Essay 1 07 June 2011 Freedom of Women “The Story of an Hour” (1894) by Kate Chopin has four main characters: Louise Mallard, Brently Mallard, Josephine, and Richards. Louise Mallard is the protagonist in the story. The story is Louise Mallard’s life from the moment she learns about her husband, Brently Mallard’s death to the moment when he actually comes back. The sto
  • Arab Women Online
    숙명여자대학교 아시아여성연구소 Asian Women Buthaina Al Nasiri 숙명여자대학교 아시아여성연구소 Asian Women Buthaina Al Nasiri
  • The Comfort Women System and Women`s Int..
    The primary objective of this paper is to revisit the women`s international human rights discourse in an effort to present positive insights into a feminist reconceptualization of human rights. For this purpose, I examine the Final Judgment of the Women`s International War Crimes Tribunal for the Trial of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (hereinafter the Tribunal) and assess the Tribunal`s ration
  • Women`s Utopia
    Women’s Utopia Utopia is a name of an ideal community. The concept of “ideal community” is very subjective. In her book Herland(1951), Chalotte Perkins Gilman describes a land with only women who can reproduce asexually. The result is an ideal social order, free of war, conflict and domination. These kind of single-sex societies have long been explored. These female-only worlds allow the pursuit o
  • Women and Human Rights
    이화여자대학교 아시아여성학센터 Asian Journal of Women's Studies Karuna CHANANA 이화여자대학교 아시아여성학센터 Asian Journal of Women's Studies Karuna CHANANA
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