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    Crystal 4 5 2 4 7 1 0 Similar Amusement Park Yongin and Daegu Most city has amusement parks, and people think that those have differences each other. But it is not true. Although location is different, Yongin’s famous amusement park, Everland and Daegu’s popular park, Woobangland have several similarities. First, both parks have very big scale. Everland is so huge. If you want to see whole things
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    Similar Holiday between Korea and America In general, every country has different holidays although some countries have the same holidays. For example, many people in Korea don't know about the American famous festival ‘Halloween’. As the same many American don't know about the Korean famous holiday ‘Dano’. However, some holidays between two countries are similar to each other. Korean special day
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    Hyun_kwang Han 199902363 Tag_jung Kim May 31, 2004 The Qualities of an Ideal Swindler Do you think that it'll be easy to swindle someone? The answer is "No". If so, have you thought that there are qualities to be an ideal swindler? Yes, there are. If you are having a plan to swindle someone, you should check it first. If you find that you aren't born this what it says, you are not born to be swind
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    Eating well, living well. Are these Well-being? Many people would answer so to the question tha t what's Well-being. But, Once we could think about that what is the ultimate purpose of it, we will learn that it is a partial thing. Today's material abundance satisfy our basic need such as eating and clothing. On top of that culture and leisure industry is coming up to a big business. Taking into co
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    영어 작문 1. 자기소개 Briefly introduce myself to professor with respect, I am 23 years old this year, being senior. - 교수님께 제 소개를 간단히 하자면 저는 올해23살이며 4학년입니다. I have lived and studied here since I leaved far from my family(father, mother, sister, and me). - 저는 제 가족(아버지와 어머니 여동생과 나)을 떠난 이래로 여기서 살아왔고 공부해 왔습니다. Here, Hangkong University, I have had free and active life but, frankly speaking, I think that my re
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    HOMEWORK My Hometown I think Jeonju is the best city in Korea. First of all, Jeonju has distinct 4 seasons. Spring is warm, summer is so hot and humid, autumn is cool, and winter is very cold. Although you think it is disadvantages, there aren’t any natural disasters in Jeonju because of it. Second, there is a traditional culture breathing in Jeonju. The main street in Jeonju is westernized; howev
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    Writing - I was good at studying nursing. I liked to read it, because there were lots of interest things in the nursing book. And, I had to get better to get in dorm house. - There is a woman who is hold a book. there are lots of books around her. I think she has hard time because she has to read all of it. - I’m not sure that I love studying because it’s hard for me to do it. - Keymung University
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    Prologue Love requires passion and effort. You could become a fresh and nice hero of a love drama if you had a command of careful plan and technique which captivates the other's mind to succeed in the first date for love. It would be better for a man, who longs for an woman and wants her to be his lover, to apply 'date-psychology' which is described in this book. It is never difficult for you to
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    The Love Story of a Witch Once upon a time there was a magic mountain. A witch lived in the magic mountain. She made trees that were made of stars and flowers that were made of jewels. She could make anything that she wants. The magic mountain was very beautiful and perfect, but she was so ugly. She wanted to be loved. One day, she saw a guy that climbed the mountain. She fell in love with him at
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    Surprise!!!!! Magic Spray Do you want your hand's free? Don't worry rainy days Only $19.00 This magical spray solves your inconvenience from water attack. It's useful for your outdoor working when it rains. You can use this product everywhere like on books, your body, hair and clothes. Besides, you can use it in a swimming pool. Especially women, don't worry you need! Don't have any distrust! Beca
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