The brief history of English language

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영어의 역사에 대해 영문으로 작성한 레포트 입니다.


2.old English
3.The Norman Conquest
4.middle English
5.Morden English
6.present and future


3. Th e Norman Conquest

The next invaders were the Norsemen. From the middle of the ninth century large numbers of Norse invaders settled in Britain, particularly in northern and eastern areas, and in the eleventh century the whole of England had a Danish king, Canute. The distinct North Germanic speech of the Norsemen had great influence on English, most obviously seen in the words that English has borrowed from this source. These include some very basic words such as take and even grammatical words such as they. The common Germanic base of the two languages meant that there were still many similarities between Old English and the language of the invaders.
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