The Most Important Thing In My Life

등록일 2003.07.14 한글 (hwp) | 3페이지 | 가격 1,400원


Writing 시간의 assignment 였습니다^^
현재 미국에서 공부중이구요.. 미국인 교수님께 문법 교정 두번씩이나 받은겁니다~
점수 물론 좋았습니다^^




What is the main focus of your life? Is it love, family, pleasant memories? Those things are very meaningful to me, too. But God in heaven, Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me. I've gone to church since I've been in the my mother's womb and I met God first when I was 8th grade in the middle school. I met the Lord as I lifted my heart in worship. It's unthinkable that Icould keep on living without God.
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