Report on the Alpheid Shrimp Arete dorsalis (Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae) from Korea

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발행기관 : 한국동물분류학회 수록지정보 : Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity / 33권 / 1호
저자명 : Hyeyoung Koo, Won Kim



영어 초록

The continuous taxonomic study on decapods from Korean waters revealed that the alpheid shrimps collected from Jejudo Island and Busan were identified as a species belonging to the genus Arete which is an unreported genus from Korean waters. The genus Arete can be distinguished from the most similar genus Athanas by the following. The chelae are broad and oval-shaped in Arete, but in Athanas, the chelae are more or less elongated. The number of carpal segments in the 2nd pereopod is four but five, exceptionally four or six in Athanas. The epipods are present on pereopod 1 and pereopod 2 in Arete, but on pereopod 1-3, exceptionally on pereopod 1 and pereopod 2 or pereopod 1-4 in Athanas. In this paper, Arete dorsalis is reported for the first time from Korean waters. Korean Alpheidae fauna now consists of 27 species of nine genera.
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