[English composition] English Composition (How to Survive in American Culture)

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Living in a foreign country is always interesting, especially if it is a country that is

completely different from my own culture. However, soon, I got the cultural bump that

confused me all the time. My culture is not always fit for living in America. So, We

should be allowed to fit for American Culture. Here are my suggestions that I realized

we need to know living with American Culture as a learner of ESL; making a clear

communication, being friendly to strangers, and going out.

To begin, consider making a clear communication. Well, To make a clear

communication is always though without the enough knowledge of American style

communication. In Korea, we normally make an indirect communication which gives a

special consideration to the other person. In other words, to say details, we habitually

say everyday affairs first until the person is ready. Thus, Korean style communication is

totally opposite to American’s one. For instance, when I was involved in an accident in

Houston, I got a really shock.
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      [English composition] English Composition (How to Survive in American Culture)