Child Abuse

등록일 2003.06.13 한글 (hwp) | 3페이지 | 가격 1,000원


1. Introduction
2. The concept of child abuse
3. The reasons of child abuse
4. The kinds of child abuse
5. The today`s situations about child abuse
6. The solutions of child abuse
7. Conclusion


1. Introduction
Children means that full 7 to 12 years old people, elementary school students. Children should receive social protection and be grown properly. Children were neglected socially for a long time, because they were socially weak beings. But today, thanks to expanding recognition about human rights and developing material civilization, people tend to recognize more about children. Children's problem also becomes an important social problem. Nevertheless, children still suffer many difficulties, because of domestic and social problems. We focus on child abuse, the most important among these problems.

2. The concept of child abuse
Child abuse means that physical, mental and sexual violences by adult, including protector, which can be harmed children's health and prosperity. Or it can be also child abuse to look on these violences.
Narrow Meaning : Physical maltreatment. to make objective wounds on purpose
Large Meaning : all situation which is disturbing children's development. It includes negligence and cold treatment about children
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      Child Abuse