P&G와 Unilever의 Global 전략

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International Business Policy 발표자료임.
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Industry Overview
Incumbent Players
Market Overview
Company Overview
Financial Information
Localization Strategy
Global Strategy
Case Studies
Recent Market Situation


Both companies are implementing several community support activities to diminish the prejudice of Korean customers towards foreign company

Making Kimchi of Love

P&G donated 21 tons of Kimchi to 17 charity centers in 2000 during the Kimchi event in which P&G employees, expats and consumer volunteers participated

Child Cancer Campaign

Through the corporate promotion 'Hope for Flowers' which was implemented in about 250 stores all over the country, P&G Korea supported KRW 70,000,000 to 7 children with cancer

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      P&G와 Unilever의 Global 전략