[WTO 경상계열] WTO 뉴라운드 출범에 대비한 영어자금대책 (영문번역)

등록일 2003.05.28 한글 (hwp) | 5페이지 | 가격 1,000원


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1. WTO 뉴라운드 주요쟁점 <b>Main issue of WTO New Round (DDA)</b>
2. 영어자금정책의 내용 <b>Contents of the fishery funds policy</b>
3. DDA발효로 영어자금 공급 중단시 문제점 <b>A problem when it discontinue the fishery funds supply due to take effect of DDA</b>
4. 영어자금 공급정책의 대책 <b>Countermeasure of the Fishery funds supply policy</b>


Main issue of WTO New Round (DDA)

Our marine product industry was wave crest by UR (Uruguay round) in 1994 and it was been enveloped again in the New Round wave crest which proposed by 4th WTO (World Trade Organization) in November 2001. If UR agreement was the solution of the quantitative problem which reserve import restricted barrier, DDA(Doha Development Agenda) of the 4th WTO cabinet member conference which is opened on 9~14 November 2001 at Doha in State of Qatar is the muzzle of a gun for the solution of quality problem.
The important issue which relates with a processed marine products field in the DDA it will be able to summarize with two branches. 1st, It discuss it is a thing together about reduction or abolish of the tariff barrier, involving apex of tariff, high tariff and progressive tariff, and the Non tariff barrier with the industrial product and the forest products to a same time it discusses it is a thing together from the non agricultural products market approach group on processed marine products Free Trade Agreement
2nd It deals with reduction and abolish of the processed marine products subsidy which ill effect on resource or distorts a trade liberalization.

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      [WTO 경상계열] WTO 뉴라운드 출범에 대비한 영어자금대책 (영문번역)