[marketing] positioning case of PDA market

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Before determining which segment would be my primary target this year, it seems that investigating last year’s PDA market is needed. That is because last year’s sales rank based on some features shows several reasons why PDA1 was at the top and mine was at the bottom. Comparing other PDAs, PDA1 has several strong features: the cheapest price, the lightest weight, no internet monthly charge, and handwriting recognition. However, it simultaneously has several weak features too: no color, no wireless fax, no wireless internet, and no spreadsheet. These strong and weak features of PDA1 might explain the characteristic of consumers: non-mobile businesspersons and home computer owners. PDA1 users do not seem that they want to pay more dollars for using wireless technology. If PDA1 users are businesspersons, they might use it as they perform job tasks only in their office. And if PDA1 users are home computer owners, they might use it as they perform tasks in everyday life.
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      [marketing] positioning case of PDA market