[network] What is PDA

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1.0 What is PDA

2.0 History of PalmOS and WinCE

3.0 Evolution of PalmOS and WinCE
3.1 PalmOS
3.2 WinCE

4.0 Principle feature and characteristics
4.1 PalmOS
4.2 WinCE

5.0 Strengths and limitations
5.1 PalmOS
5.2 WinCE

6.0 Application programs
6.1 PalmOS
6.2 WinCE

7.0 Conclusion and future development



1.0 What is PDA

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. PDA became the word that represents similar kinds of operating systems when the Newton Message Pad came out by Apple Computer Company. PDA has the basic equipments for the computer such as CPU, Memory, OS and many applications and peripherals. Touch screen is used as the main input method for recognizing writing. It can be used as the personal information security such as the calculator, address book and so on. Comparing to the electronic book, which has limitation of usage with particular application, PDA has great functions and advantages. (http://www.mozone.co.kr/lecture/lec01/theory1.asp).

참고 자료

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SearchNetworking (Jul 2001), “Palm OS”, (whatis.com), available:
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      [network] What is PDA