[essay 영작문] The Opposite Opinion of Abortion

등록일 2003.03.06 한글 (hwp) | 2페이지 | 가격 1,000원


교수님께서 직접 첨삭해주셔서 틀린부분까지 고친거에요..
아직 수준이 미흡하긴하지만 A받은 과목이고 교수님께서 손봐주셨으니 꽤 도움이 될듯합니다




Abortion means an artificial termination of pregnancy. It include between abortions by following doctor's instruction and illegal abortions. In case of pregnant women's health getting worse and unborn babies having bad genes, women can abort a baby according to a doctor's instruction. These cases are legal abortions, and abortions are needed for protecting women's lives. Many women, however, abort because they don't want to have a baby. These abortions are illegal and inhuman. I object to the abortion for some reasons.
The first reason why I object to abortion is that I think abortion is a murderous act. Unborn babies are human beings even as we are. They have same forms and senses as humans. They can feel a pain, respond to a stimulus, and they can also move. As a result, they are also an organism; therefore abortion is an immoral, inhuman and murderous act.
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      [essay 영작문] The Opposite Opinion of Abortion