The Transportation System

등록일 2003.02.04 한글 (hwp) | 1페이지 | 가격 500원




The Transportation system in Busan needs to be improved.
The bus system, the people make use the most, is O.K . The bus go round everywhere, but it doesn't arrive on time for traffic jam. Especially the partial road is the bus lane in rush hour, but it is not enough yet. Therefore the government should assure the more roads and expand the bus lane reach and time.
The subway system is the better than the bus. Because the subway doesn't back up , we can reach on time. In last year, second lane was finished from Hopo to Kwang-an ,many citizen have taken a subway train what it did before. However the subway train service is inadequate for Busan citizen, so government should try to make a city honeycombed with subways within this year specially Haeundae.
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