Sex culture in Korea

등록일 2002.12.17 MS 워드 (doc) | 6페이지 | 가격 600원


거의 제가 인터뷰한 내용이 주를 이루는 레포트입니다. 물론 처음 도입에는 과거 전통적인 한국에 성문화에 대해 서술했구요. 고등학생과 대학생을 대상으로 하여 인터뷰한 내용과 기존 수치들을 도용하였습니다.


1. Traditional sexual culture
- Characteristics of traditional sexual culture in Korea
2. Changing sexual culture
- High school students
- University students
3. Conclusion


Recently, according to sexual culture in Korea is liberalizing, opening and getting extreme very quickly beyond our imagination, sex education and fixation of proper sexual culture is strongly needed in our society.
Traditional sexual norms are losing its power of restriction rapidly according to changing of social structure of economy and family structure (nuclear family). During last 30~40 years, sexual consciousness and sexual action have been having extreme changes
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