philosophy on love

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What is love? For most of us love is one of the closest and the most important things which influences our daily lives. Thousands of music, poems, movies, plays and etc are based on love. Also, it is our love for something or someone which inspires us to live our lives to the fullest. Some live in order to make his or her loved ones happy. Some live in order to fulfill his or her love for a job or a dream. However, when I started to think more seriously about love, I started to wonder what love actually is. Is love something “good” as most of us consider it to be? Even though we believe that love is something really familiar to us, is love what we really think it is? What is nature of love? Before, any serious discussion about the philosophy of love and the nature of love, I would like to discuss my simple and random thoughts about love. My philosophy on love involves two people. It's a physical thing but yet not physical at all. You hold your love and look at it (whatever that subject might be) from a distance admiring it at the same time. However, neither of you have a body like the one you have now. The way I saw it was as a shimmering mass that was you and your love, both of you together.
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