[english composition] Definition Essay (Barbie)

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바비(Barbie) 의 유래, 역사, 특징, 비판점에 대한 definition essay 입니다.




If you are a woman, you probably have memories of hoping to receive Barbie as a gift on special days like Christmas or your birthday. There are thousands of different kinds of toys on the market, but among the toys, dolls have always been ranked first on the gift wish-list of the girls all over the world. In addition, of all the dolls, Barbie kept the big name of the most renowned doll in the world. Not only little girls, but also a number of adults are fascinated with collecting Barbie dolls. Barbie’s unique features made Barbie untouchable on the competitive doll market. Even though there is quite a bit of criticism about Barbie's unrealistically perfect portrayal, Barbie’s popularity continues to increase. What are those unique features that make Barbie so special? What are the meanings of Barbie to girls, adults, and the toy industry?
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      [english composition] Definition Essay (Barbie)