[English]D-13 을보고(정책점 관점에서)영어로...

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외국인 교수, 원서수업시간 중간고사 대체 레포트로 20점 중 19점 받은, 유일하게 15점 이상받은레포트임. 절대 후회없음
똑같은 제목으로 나오는 한글파일로 된다른 레포트를
(물론 제가했음)영작한것이니 둘다보시면 훨씬 이해가 쉬울것임.


I saw a movie called D-13, and it was felt being different the time that looked at international relations. If I saw a movie to treat politics diplomacy a few hstorical contents by a fact former days and became prosaic, but now a prosaic thing counterpart is not. Any I had understood about this movie in a diplomacy enemy viewpoint, and did in own way interpretation. First of all, it is a situation called cold war that it was thought while seeing this movie. The United States and the Soviet Union that the second my world match is later are Cuban landslides made in a situation of the cold war system that a two camps established. If world match was turned more on in the situation that the capital to happen was in when I think this landslide and the third whom a disaster of mankind was able to become if it did wrong here each other just a little or was not able to see agreement in communication, now it was probably how.And bilateral decision slept by a compunction message, and confrontation of took action and the situation that an opinion of inside powers passed in the mail was much impressive with request for advice of the water which was surroundings too. And it seemed to be a very important element in this accident.

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영화를 여러번 보고 감상과 그속에 나오는 정책들을 분석하여 썼음.그리고 영어로 영작했음. 외국인한테 수정받았음.
똑같은 제목으로 나오는 한글파일로 된다른 레포트를
(물론 제가했음)영작한것이니 둘다보시면 훨씬 이해가 쉬울것임.
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