[communication] Informative speech (발표대본)

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제가 발표 할때 주비했던 띠별 설명과 그림이 있는 자료 도 같이 올리니 도움이 됐으면 좋겠습니다. ^^




Before I start, I’m not native speaker so I ask to you understand my poor pronunciation.
At first, can I ask your birthday? Hm.. Your symbol animal is %%%%.
( Ask again) What is yours? Yours is %%%%%.
Do you know what I’m saying now? That’s the Korean astrology.
Today, I’ll talk about this Korean astrology.

As you know, western people have a thought on their destiny through astrology. Astrology in western consists of twelve parts of Zodiac. However people in Eastern Asia, especially Korea, have some different ways to predict their destiny and future. In Korea, many people ...

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제가 올린 아웃라인을 발표 할수 있도록 대본식으로 만든것입니다. 제 경우에는 발표하는데 약 5분 20초 정도 걸렸습니다.
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      [communication] Informative speech (발표대본)